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Transformative Teaching: Changing Today's Classrooms Culturally, Academically, and Emotionally

Support and engage the many different kinds of learners in schools. 

This book examines the most effective strategies for leading diverse students in developing the skills they need inside and outside the classroom. By understanding and exploring students’ emotional, cultural, and academic needs, educators will be better prepared to teach all students and help them become lifelong learners.


Differentiation for Real Classrooms: Making It Simple, Making It Work

Use these easy techniques to deliver high-quality lessons that target all learners!

In today's increasingly diverse classrooms, teachers are expected to address a whirlwind of initiatives. With their characteristically joyful and conversational tone that celebrates learning and diverse students, Kathleen Kryza, Alicia Duncan, and S. Joy Stephens offer teachers dozens of practical strategies for designing and delivering differentiated lessons to reach all learners.

Based on the authors' popular, memorable, and doable C U KAN and the Chunk, Chew, and Check frameworks, this book makes it easy for teachers to implement effective, differentiated instruction. This ready-to-go resource helps educators identify a clear learning target, get to know their students as people and as learners, and understand how to vary the learning pathways to the same target for different learners.

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Inspiring Elementary Learners: Nurturing the Whole Child in a Differentiated Classroom

Inspire a love for learning through differentiated lessons and activities!

Today's classrooms are more diverse than ever before, with students of many languages, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and skills all in one room. This accessible resource illustrates how elementary teachers can use differentiated instructional techniques to nurture a love for learning in socially, culturally, and academically diverse learners.

Inspiring Elementary Learners offers step-by-step instructions for creating a learning environment that engages all students, and provides creative strategies that can be easily implemented in the classroom. The authors include lesson examples and assessment rubrics across the core subject areas, showing how to cultivate a community of learners who honor themselves and each other. 


Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners: Honoring Differences and Creating Community Through Differentiating Instructional Practices

Foster a community of students inspired to discover their unique ability to learn!

One of the most effective methods for engaging students is to relate subject matter to learners' interests and experiences. The challenge many secondary teachers face is how to accomplish this goal across an increasingly diverse student body. In this field-tested resource, Kathleen Kryza, S. Joy Stephens, and Alicia Duncan guide educators toward achieving this objective by presenting differentiated lessons that simultaneously engage and inspire students.

Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners gives readers a step-by-step process for gathering the student data necessary to inform their instructional approach. Offering easy-to-implement strategies for differentiated lessons, this research-based book also provides in-depth model lessons and rubrics in content areas to inspire learning. The end result is engaging and meaningful instruction that stirs students to construct their own approach to learning by applying their experiences to relevant subject matter.


Winning Strategies for Test Taking, Grades 3-8 A Practical Guide for Teaching Test Preparation

Teach students essential skills for test taking and for lifelong learning!

Winning Strategies for Test Taking provides a practical, three-week unit of test taking skills that makes the most efficient use of classroom time and uses commonsense strategies that are engaging for students in Grades 3–8. The authors' fun approach raises the appeal of test taking and teaches effective metacognitive skills that transfer beyond the classroom into students' lives.

Full of reproducible resources such as planning guides, models, examples of think-alouds, annotated state exams, and more, this book shows how to help students excel at different types of test formats.


Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom (K-12 - A Give It a Go Guide)

This Give It a Go Guide focuses on one aspect of research-based instruction giving you an array of doable activities and resources to implement in your classroom.  

We created this Give It a Go Guide, based on Carol Dweck’s powerful book, "Mindsets," and her research at Stanford University on developing growth mindsets.  We have designed easy-to-do, powerful activities to help students understand and grow their mindsets by exploring the idea in four essential ways - they need to experience it, they need to see models, they need to talk about it, and then they need to know when they own it.
With this in mind, the following is the format for this guide:

FEEL IT: Experiences to help students ‘feel’ and notice their mindset
SEE IT: Growth mindset stories and role models to use as examples
TALK IT: Language that promotes growth mindset thinking
OWN IT: Self‑assessment so students see their developing mindsets
BUILD IT: Find tools to support you in building and sustaining a growth mindset classroom – from parent letters to celebrations to weekly awards – all designed to help you support yourself, parents and students on this powerful journey.

You may also be interested in these other works to which Kathleen has contributed. They are available for purchase directly from their publishers


Handbook of Executive Functioning

Published by Springer

Kathleen contributed a chapter to this wonderfully comprehensive book on EF edited by Jack Naglieri and Sam Goldstein.

Unites the theories of executive function with the means for assessment and treatment.  Planning. Attention. Memory. Self-regulation. These and other core cognitive and behavioral operations of daily life comprise what we know as executive functioning (EF). But despite all we know, the concept has engendered multiple, often conflicting definitions and its components are sometimes loosely defined and poorly understood.

Practical Strategies for Differentiating Instruction Grades 3 - 6

BER Video Training with Kathleen Kryza as well as teachers and educators from classrooms in Michigan and Washington.

Differentiation is essential to meeting the range of student readiness levels and learning needs in grades 3-6. This two-part video training program contains a wealth of practical differentiation strategies filmed in actual classrooms. Viewers will see effective ways to support and challenge learners and take all students to higher levels of achievement.

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