Inspiring Elementary Learners: Nurturing the Whole Child in a Differentiated Classroom

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Inspiring Elementary Learners: Nurturing the Whole Child in a Differentiated Classroom

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Inspire a love for learning through differentiated lessons and activities!


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Today's classrooms are more diverse than ever before, with students of many languages, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and skills all in one room. This accessible resource illustrates how elementary teachers can use differentiated instructional techniques to nurture a love for learning in socially, culturally, and academically diverse learners.

Inspiring Elementary Learners offers step-by-step instructions for creating a learning environment that engages all students, and provides creative strategies that can be easily implemented in the classroom. The authors include lesson examples and assessment rubrics across the core subject areas, showing how to cultivate a community of learners who honor themselves and each other. Based on current educational research on metacognitive strategies, learning styles, constructivist thinking, and choice theory, this handbook helps educators:

  • Design lessons to foster students' intrinsic motivation
  • Teach for deep understanding while meeting content standards
  • Create and implement differentiated strategies

This practical guide provides teachers with the tools they need to reach, teach, and inspire diverse student populations and cultivate an engaging classroom environment.

One of the very few professional resources that I could not put down. I recommend this book to every teacher I work with, and I use it every day in my work with teachers and students
— Diane Fleming, Advanced Placement Coordinator, Sioux City Community Schools, IA
This is differentiation at its best! This valuable resource provides the tools necessary to meet the wide range of student needs and abilities within a classroom. It will be a timeless resource that all educators will want on their desk.”
— Jeannie Donoghue, Professional Development Director, Bureau of Education and Research