Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners: Honoring Differences and Creating Community Through Differentiating Instructional Practices

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Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners: Honoring Differences and Creating Community Through Differentiating Instructional Practices

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Foster a community of students inspired to discover their unique ability to learn!

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One of the most effective methods for engaging students is to relate subject matter to learners' interests and experiences. The challenge many secondary teachers face is how to accomplish this goal across an increasingly diverse student body. In this field-tested resource, Kathleen Kryza, S. Joy Stephens, and Alicia Duncan guide educators toward achieving this objective by presenting differentiated lessons that simultaneously engage and inspire students.

Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners gives readers a step-by-step process for gathering the student data necessary to inform their instructional approach. Offering easy-to-implement strategies for differentiated lessons, this research-based book also provides in-depth model lessons and rubrics in content areas to inspire learning. The end result is engaging and meaningful instruction that stirs students to construct their own approach to learning by applying their experiences to relevant subject matter. Readers will also benefit from:

  • Case studies and student work samples
  • Lesson frameworks and planning guides to help teachers develop standards-based differentiated lessons and units
  • Tips, tools, and reproducible materials for assessing student learning styles and preferences
  • Sample lessons, activities, and more

Discover how to inspire students by building a community of learners who honor themselves and each other.

Excellent book! A must-read for teachers and administrators who are truly interested in quality teaching and student success.
— Paul Gmelin, Principal, White Lake Middle School, MI
As an administrator, this book provides me with meaningful direction for my staff. Implementing practices from this book will empower both students and teachers alike.
— Sammie Novack, Vice-Principal, Washington Middle School, Bakersfield, CA
A wealth of advice and activities for secondary teachers who wish to transform the adolescent’s need for independence into empowerment, motivation, and inspired learning.
— Belinda Lazarus, Professor of Education, University of Michigan, Dearborn
Succinctly proposes an approach designed to generate in students the internal desire to learn! Promises to be a significant resource for teachers who truly wish to leave a legacy.
— Sallie M. Noel, Associate Professor of Biology, Austin Peay State University
Enables teachers to reach students where they are while helping them to strive for more.
— Angela D. Steffke, Secondary Resource Teacher, John F. Kennedy High School, Taylor, MI