Celebrating Connections and Community: Happy New Year!

Kathleen Kryza’s Infinite Horizons celebrates the New Year by honoring the power of making connections and learning in community. Teachers who collaborate grow their pedagogy exponentially faster and stronger than teachers who work in isolation. Around the country we see evidence of this in the increase of Co-Teaching, Team Teaching, and Professional Learning Communities in schools all over. “The collaborative team has been called the fundamental building block of a learning organization and the link between a collaborative culture and improving schools is well established. No district should disregard the compelling evidence that collaboration represents best practice as long as people demonstrate the discipline to collaborate about the right things,” (Rick Dufour, 2007).  http://www.allthingsplc.info

In this spirit of community, many of you have asked for teaching tips and reminders to keep you informed, inspired and growing.  For 2013, Infinite Horizons delivers. We are excited to offer you several ways to stay in touch and connected throughout the year. 

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A very Happy New Year to all of you! We look forward to connecting with you and making a difference for children all over the world in 2013!

Peace,   Kathleen Kryza

Watch a ''live'' video of Kathleen teaching students in Three Rivers, MI about growth mindsets. Stay in touch for more gems and tips to inspire you and boost your teaching practice!