Be sure to check out Kathleen's newest book, Transformative Teaching: Changing Classrooms Culturally, Academically and Emotionally. (Kryza, Brittingham, Duncan, Solution Tree Press, 2015

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Top reasons to bring Kathleen to your school, district or conference:

•   Participate in high quality, dynamic workshops that blend current, brain-based research with practical and doable strategies.

•   Experience engaging and inspirational professional development.

•   Leave inspired with tools you can implement immediately in your school or classroom.

•   Transform your schools and classrooms as you honor all learners culturally, academically and emotionally. 

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About Kathleen

For over 30 years, Kathleen Kryza has inspired thousands of children and educators around the globe through her dynamic presentations and writing. Kathleen is passionately dedicated to helping classrooms, schools, and the world, be a better place for children. 

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