Transformative Teaching: Changing Today’s Classrooms Culturally, Emotionally and Academically

This powerful new workshop is based on Kathleen’s newest book of the same title. (Solution Tree, 2016). Explore students’ learning needs in three key areas: emotional, cultural, and academic. These three areas are interconnected facets of a student’s whole self and must be addressed equally if students are to thrive and survive in our classrooms and in life.

** You can also have Kathleen co-lead this workshop with Maryann Brittingham, expert in social-emotional skills and/or Michelle Leip, expert in ESL/ELL.

Topics Discussed:

  • Looking at our own journey, culturally, emotionally, and academically. How does this support our work as teachers, how does it get in the way?


  • Who are our students culturally, emotionally, and academically? – Don’t Blame the Lettuce


  • Six Foundations that work for all learners

    • Safe Environment, Routines and Procedures, Growth Mindsets, Student Talk, Self Assessment, Mindfulness

  • Study of the Cultural, Emotional and Academic Brain

    • Cultural

      • Brain Research

      • One thing to remember – Individualistic. Vs. Collectivist

    • Emotional

      • Brain Research

      • One thing to remember – Can’t change others, can only change your self.

    • Academic

      • Brain Research

      • One thi ng to remember – Chewing is where the learning happens and mix modalities.