Think Positive, Act Smart: The Role of Executive Function in Emotional Strength and Resilience

Kathleen Kryza, MA/CIO Infinite Horizons, Jack A. Naglieri, PhD

Learn about the frontal lobe’s connection to emotions and learning from Kathleen Kryza, master teacher, and Jack Naglieri, cognitive psychologist. They will weave together the art and science of learning to show the executive brain’s impact on emotional resilience and academic success. From the limbic system to the frontal lobe, students can develop practical strategies to Think Postive and Act Smart, thus achieving greater success in school and in life.

Topics Discussed: 

  • Show the research on how social-emotional development has greater impact on learning success than IQ. 

  • Explain the neuroscience behind emotions and learning and how to harness the power of executive function to help students Think Positive and Act Smart.

  • Offer many practical strategies to develop students social-emotional skills in K- college classrooms.