(Mindsets + Skill Sets) Relevance = Results!: Self-Regulation/Executive Function:

Kathleen combines the latest science on self-regulation and executive function with powerful, doable brain-targeted strategies for helping students to "Think Smart" and become responsible, empowered learners.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Brain research on how to develop students’ mindsets and self-regulation skill sets to prepare them for school and for life. 

  • Incorporate the tenets of “educational neuroscience” into your classroom.

  • Creating a safe classroom environment, so that all learners feel included and engaged and ready to learn.

  • Learn how effort, discipline and deliberate practice contribute more to school success than IQ or innate ability

  • See how to weave Growth Mindset thinking into your daily lives.

  • Know how to support students in building self regulation and metacognitive skill sets

  • Build speaking and listening skills that are so essential to deep thinking and academic discourse. 

  • Teach students to “Think Smart”, think deeply and self assess regularly.