Think Smart: Mindsets, Metacognition and Intelligence

Co-Taught by Kathleen Kryza, MA/CIO Infinite Horizons, Jack A. Naglieri, PhD


Kathleen teams up with Dr. Jack Naglieri, cognitive psychologist (  They combine their knowledge and skills to offer current science and research about intelligence along with effective teaching strategies and techniques to help students THINK SMART!   This understanding of the human brain coupled with ways to develop growth mindsets for students by using metacognitive skills is essential for success in and beyond school.

**Kathleen and Jack can do this workshop with teachers or with teachers and school psychologists together.

 Topics Discussed:

  • Define a brain-targeted view of intelligence, Luria’s PASS Theory.

  • Share practical implications for classroom instruction and for empowering students to own their own learning lives.

  • Learn the meaning of and strategies to support students in the following:

    • Planning

    • Attention

    • Simultaneous Processing

    • Successive Processing

  • Understand and address the needs of students with ADHD, LD, ASD using assessments that identify PASS profiles.