Differentiated Instruction and the Learning Brain – Introductory to Advanced

Kathleen’s interactive and dynamic workshop offers teachers doable, brain-targeted methods for meeting the needs of the wide variety of students in today’s classrooms.  Her workshop brings theory into practice, as you experience and discover differentiated instructional practices that support the learning brain. 

You will leave Kathleen’s workshop with many research-based strategies you can implement immediately in your classroom and school. If you want to update your knowledge of best brain-targeted practices and teaching techniques, be inspired to take on new challenges, and get your students excited about learning, this is the perfect workshop for you!

Learning Objectives:
In this highly engaging and interactive workshop you will learn how to…

  • Develop brain-targeted strategies that engage, inspire and empower your students culturally, emotionally and academically.

  • Learn two powerful frameworks that help you easily add best practices for differentiating into your daily classroom lessons.

  • Nurture growth mindset learners who understand that effort impacts learning results. Mindsets plus Skill Sets Equals Results!

  • Build a safe, classroom environment that allows teachers to teach and students to learn.

  • Create engaging lessons that meet the needs of both your gifted students and your special needs learners

  • Develop powerful management techniques for working with students in varied, flexible groups

  • Embed quality, researched-base strategies that support struggling students and motivate reluctant learners into your daily teaching routine

  • Teach to varied learning styles and readiness levels

  • Involve students in on-going self-assessment and develop doable formative assessments.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for K-12 general and special education teachers and is also applicable to administrators, coaches or staff developers.